Saturday, 6 October 2012

Heyllow there Gents... and Ladies...

First post.. WooHoo.... finally...

The Images below are the ones that I edited for my Photography class.

Below are the before and afters of the images that were edited:

This was a photo I took last week here in Mississauga.  The sunset was really amazing.


This is after I edited it. Gave it the look of an old picture.


The second image that I used was one after the night of Nuit Blanche, 2012.  At a friend's apartment in Toronto.


Gave it little colour and look of a photo that has dried water spots on it.


Another image I edited was from my Environmental Animation class where we had to use a head bust and light it in 3D Maya.  


I tried to take away all colour from the image and left just a hint of pink and blue.



To edit all the images above I mainly used vector masks and the Blending options in Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 bit).  Some layers I edited using the image adjustments and a very few layers had filters on them.  Also, setting proper opacity on the layers played a major part in the images appearing the way I wanted them to appear.

My thoughts behind editing the images:

I wanted to see what the photo of the sunset would have looked like if it were taken using an old black and white camera and has been stored in an album for four decades.  In my view the noise on the edited image mimics an old photo really nicely.  Also the small hint of violet that I left in the gives it a nice touch.

In the second image I added few layer copies, few filters, lots of blending and opacity changes and image adjustments to bring some colour out.  Also I added the dried up water drop effect to make the photo appear as if it is an old photo that wasn't stored properly.

While I was lighting the head bust in Maya I intentionally made the lights more saturated and kept strong colours on the bust.  The scene I had in the software was grey and dark and to completely change it I made the bust appear as if there were bright spot lights in the scene.  While editing it, I took away all the colours to again make the image appear completely blank compared to the strong saturated colours.  I edited the Image mainly by using the blending and vector mask options.

- Vrindar Banker

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