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Virtual Essay

Ansel Adams

Ansel Easton Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist, best known for his black-and-white photographs of the American West.

Photographs selected: 

Compared with Photographs: 

(Photograph by: George Steninmetz 
Link: )

(Photograph by: Jason Warren

(Photograph by: Q T Luong

(Photograph by: Martin Gommel

(Photograph by: Philip Hyde

Ansel Adams was a well known photographer who believed in and practised the art of unadulterated  photography.  He left his mark on photography by developing the Zone System which is a way to determine proper exposure and contrast in the final print, and it results in intense clarity and depth.  Many of his photographs were taken with the use of this system.

Each of the photograph selected of Mr. Adams has its own different qualities and emotions connected with them.  Also, they are marvellously lit and cast brilliant shadows and give away beautiful subtle details about the environment and the quality of the scene when it had been photographed.

The photographs I selected to compare with all have the quick visual similarities and somewhat translate similar emotions.   Even though the two images selected are coloured they do not lose any artistic or emotional attributes which is a brilliant work done both by the photographers and Mr. Adams. 

The first photo is of a sand dune.  In the photo by Ansel Adams, he has carefully taken a shot where only one side of the slope is lit.  Also, in that slope he has captured all the texture details.  The photograph in comparison by George Steinmetz is an aerial shot from a different and wider angle.  Yet, the image taken by Mr.Steinmetz has managed to capture many details of the sand dune.  

The Second image by Ansel Adams is one he shot of a valley.  The natural set up for the picture appears to be perfect for a memorable photograph.  One can easily notice the shadowy effect cast by the trees on the mountain and the mountain right behind it finely lit and grabs attention right away.  The moon in the right hand side area is also captured nicely.  The image gives away the feeling of thrill and freedom.  

The image after is of a church entrance in New Mexico, USA.  The exterior entrance has bright sunlight on it but the main building seems to have signs of deterioration.  The picture captures the small texture details nicely.

Tree below is the most interesting one for me.  It gives off an ominous feeling.  Feels alone but not lonely, rather, alone and in peace.  The fog behind the helps accentuate attention on the tree and the emotion it protrudes.  The image I compared with it by Martin Gommel illustrates similar emotions but with a little change.

All the images show fine work done by the photographers and specifically Mr. Ansel Adams.  All his photographs show a sense of warmth and comfort.

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